1. Overview

Felix is a translation memory tool that will help you translate faster, more accurately, and more consistently. Felix takes over many of the repetitive, boring, and technically complex tasks of the translation process, enabling you to concentrate on producing better translations faster. Demand for fast turnaround, consistency, and support for translation memory tools is growing in the translation industry, and Felix will help you meet those demands.

Felix is a "translator's assistant": it assists you in producing better translations more quickly, but still leaves you firmly in control of the translation process. Felix was developed for translators, by translators. The development and QA teams are all professional translators, who know the features and tools that a working translator needs.

Below are some of the major features of Felix:

  • Work right from Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
  • Work with unlimited translation memories (TMs) and glossaries
  • No limit on the size of TMs or glossaries
  • Work with as many language pairs as you like
  • Any language that you can display on Windows is supported
  • Use the free Memory Serves to share TMs and glossaries over your local network

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