Quick Start Tutorial

This tutorial will let you get up and running with Align Assist. In this tutorial, we'll align two simple files, which can be found on the Felix website server.

1. Start Align Assist

From the Start menu, select All Programs >> Assistant Suite >> Tools >> Align Assist >> Align Assist.

The Align Assist main window appears.

2. Specify the source and translation files

Set the source file to:


Set the translation file to:


The Align Assist main window should now look like this:

Align Assist main window

3. Align the source and translation

From the Align Assist main window, click Align. The files are loaded, and the Align Window appears:

Alignment window

4. Line up the source and translation

The source and translation segments aren't aligned: the source file has "delta" and "echo" as separate segments, but the translation file has "DELTA ECHO" as a single segment.

Split the "DELTA ECHO" segment into two segments, "DELTA" and "ECHO." Right click on that cell, and select Split from the context menu.

Selecting Split from the context menu

The Split window appears. Edit the text boxes so that one contains "DELTA," and the other "ECHO," then click OK.

Selecting Split from the context menu

Now the source and translation segments are aligned.

Selecting Split from the context menu

5. Save the Felix memory file.

Save the results as a Felix memory. From the File menu, select Save.

Selecting Save from the File menu

The Save dialog appears. Select a save location and filename, and click Save.

This completes the quickstart tutorial. See the Contents for more detailed information.