Getting Started

Align Assist is a free tool to convert legacy translations into Felix translation memories (TMs). To use it, you specify a source file and a translation file, make sure the segments are aligned, and then save the results as a Felix TM.

Download and Install Align Assist

You can download the latest version of Align Assist here. After you download the installer, double click on it and follow the on-screen instructions to install it.

Start Align Assist

From the Start menu, select All Programs >> Assistant Suite >> Tools >> Align Assist >> Align Assist.

The Align Assist main window appears.

The Main Window

Align Assist main window

Align Files

Use the Browse buttons to select a source and a translation file, then click Align to align them. The files are loaded and segmented, and Alignment window appears with the source and translation segments in two columns.

Use the split, merge, delete, and swap commands to line up the segments, and then save your results as a Felix TM.