Online wordcount tool now supports PDF files

Tuesday, May. 20th 2008

I’ve added support for PDF files to my online wordcount tool. Now the tool can provide word counts for PDF files using the pyPdf library. Addendum: I’ve replaced pyPdf with another pure-python library, pdfminer, which is much more robust at handling PDF files.

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Choosing your competition

Saturday, May. 17th 2008

Eric Sink famously quoted a former Netscape CEO, writing that you should choose competition that’s big and dumb. It seems that I’ve chosen wisely. Hubris and lack of customer focus are great things to have in a competitor.

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New online tool: Word count utility

Friday, May. 16th 2008

Today I launched a new tool on the Felix website: an online word count utility. One of my goals for this site is to make it useful to translators, and word counts are one of the pain points for translators. This is especially true of those of us working into or out of (East) Asian […]

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Another lame response from Plimus

Tuesday, May. 13th 2008

A couple of days ago, I blogged about Plimus’ lackluster Japanese support, and posted the lame form letter they sent me back. Today, I got another lame form letter as a response to my report that yen currencies should not be shown with decimals: Dear Ryan, I really appreciate your taking time to make suggestions […]

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Creating a demo

Tuesday, May. 13th 2008

I just got through my first attempt at creating a demo. I made the demo using Camtasia, which is very easy to use and has a generous fully functional 30-day demo version. It’s kind of funny — I’m pretty used to public speaking, and don’t get all that nervous doing it, but I was nervous […]

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Plimus’ lackluster Japanese support

Monday, May. 12th 2008

Alas, I’ve hit the first bump in the road to my software empire :(. I’m using Plimus as my e-commerce provider. All in all they’ve been great, but I’ve run into a couple of snags with their Japanese support. The first is with Japanese text. Plimus provides localized versions of their payment forms, including Japanese, […]

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Felix is born

Monday, May. 12th 2008

Felix actually started out as another product, named TransAssist. I developed TransAssist for about 3 years before making it a commercial product, and then sold it through another company, Intermedia, for 4 more years. My original goal was to concentrate only on development, and outsource all the marketing, sales, and other gicky stuff. What I […]

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