Felix bug fix: version 1.1.1 released

Monday, Jun. 9th 2008

I’ve released version 1.1.1 of Felix. It’s available from the download page. This is a bug fix to fix a problem with saving memories in TMX format. Thanks to S. Patrick Eaton for spotting the bug. I recommend that all Felix users update to this latest release if you plan to export your memories in […]

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Felix version 1.1 released

Monday, Jun. 9th 2008

Version 1.1 of Felix is released. This is a minor release with several usability enhancements and bug fixes. It’s available from the Felix download page. Below is a list of improvements and bug fixes in this version. Felix Memory window layout revamped Memory window layout templates moved to external files Auto-selection feature for matching algorithm […]

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Felix tip: Switch between concordance and match views

Thursday, Jun. 5th 2008

Felix has a concordance feature that allows you to see how you’ve translated a word or phrase in the past. It can be used from the Felix window, from the MS Word interface, from the MS PowerPoint interface, and from TagAssist (select Felix >> Concordance from the menu). The results of concordance are then displayed […]

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Felix tip: Choosing your own segmentation

Saturday, May. 31st 2008

Clicking the right arrow button (or pressing Alt + Right Arrow) will select the next segment for Felix to look up. In MS Word, MS PowerPoint, and TagAssist, this means the next sentence or line of text. For MS Excel, this means the next cell in the worksheet. Sometimes you may want more fine-grained control […]

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New tool: Jamming2Felix

Thursday, May. 29th 2008

I’ve just released a new free tool: Jamming2Felix. Jamming2Felix is a simple utility that converts glossaries from jamming format into Felix format. I originally developed this application at the request of a jamming user, and am now releasing it to the general community. Enjoy, and let me know if you run into any problems.

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Development roadmap for Felix

Sunday, May. 25th 2008

Now that my translation memory system has a new start as Felix, I’ve got a lot of plans for its development. In this post I want to lay out my development roadmap for the next three months. In June, I’m going to be working on a minor release with several minor enhancements. After that, I’m […]

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Listing on Microsoft Office Marketplace

Friday, May. 23rd 2008

I’ve just got Felix listed on Microsoft Office Marketplace. If you’re a Felix user, I’d really appreciate it if you’d go over there and leave a rating. It was actually fairly easy to get listed, and best of all, it was free! I simply created a landing page according to Microsoft specifications, and filled out […]

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Defining a vision

Thursday, May. 22nd 2008

Software needs to have a vision. A software program can’t be everything to everyone; you’ve got to decide who your users are and what you want to do for them. I had a very clear vision for Felix (then TransAssist, then “Translation Assistant”): it would be powerful, simple, and get out of your way when […]

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Charge for 100% matches

Thursday, May. 22nd 2008

Translation memory can certainly improve productivity. Many purchasers of translation are of course aware of this, and want some of these productivity benefits passed on to them. This usually takes the form of offering discounts for sentences/segments already in the translation memory, and sometimes for fuzzy matches. But this can be taken too far. Some […]

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Translation memory with non-repetitive texts

Tuesday, May. 20th 2008

Often people who translate texts that aren’t very repetitive will wonder if they can really benefit from using translation memory. Of course, since I market my own translation memory program, and use it myself whenever possible, I’m just a tad biased. Even so, I don’t assume that translation memory is the right match for everybody. […]

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