Felix tip: Concordance searching

Saturday, Aug. 30th 2008

A concordance search in TM lingo is a kind of context search: it finds occurrences of words or phrases in translation units (TUs) in your TM, so you can see how you’ve translated the word/phrase in the past, in varying contexts. You can do a concordance search right from the Felix memory or glossary window. […]

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Felix Japanese blog started

Sunday, Aug. 24th 2008

I’ve just started a Japanese-language blog for Felix. The Japanese blog will basically have the same type of content as the English blog, but geared more toward Japanese users and Japanese text handling.

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Comparison of Felix and Trados matching algorithms

Friday, Aug. 15th 2008

The About Translation blog posted a while ago about quirks in the matching algorithm employed by Trados. He posts the following match results: Trados matches for “LEAD DESIGN -“ Source Fuzzy Score LEAD PROGRAMMER – 75% Lead Design 67% He points out that this seems unintuitive and less than useful. Felix seems to do a […]

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New tool for Felix: Xelif

Thursday, Aug. 14th 2008

I’ve just released a new utility for Felix: Xelif. Xelif “reverses” Felix translation memories (TMs) and glossaries by switching the source and translation fields. If you have an English to Japanese TM, Xelif will convert it to a Japanese to English TM. Quite a simple utility, but when you need it, you need it. And […]

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.BAT files to enable and disable Felix interface in MS Office

Sunday, Aug. 10th 2008

There might be times when you want to temporarily disable the Felix interface in MS Office (Word/Excel/PowerPoint). One example is if you use Felix and Trados together. Trados is known for not playing well with others, which is why installing Trados and Felix side by side isn’t strictly supported. But if you want to do […]

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Felix TM specifications

Saturday, Aug. 9th 2008

I believe in being open about Felix, because I think it lets user make informed decisions. That’s why I publish my development road map. I also recently published technical specifications for Felix, including translation memories (TMs), glossaries, and other features. Although it’s very hard to come up with a balanced comparison with other CAT tools, […]

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How Felix scores with five complaints about Trados

Friday, Aug. 8th 2008

About Translation has an illuminating post about issues he has with Trados. I’d like to examine his complaints, and note how Felix scores. MS Word interface: fix the formatting problems Since Felix doesn’t embed any tags or hidden text into your document, it generally does a very good job at not messing up the document’s […]

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New development roadmap for Felix

Thursday, Aug. 7th 2008

As I noted in my first published roadmap for Felix, my plan was to make some minor improvements, then implement networking support for Felix in July, and a translation history feature in August. I completed the first part of the roadmap with the release of version 1.1, and the second part (network support) with the […]

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Felix version 1.2 released

Saturday, Aug. 2nd 2008

I’ve just released Felix version 1.2. This is a major upgrade with several improvements: Share memories over a network “Translate to fuzzy” command for PowerPoint interface Toolbar for Excel interface Zoom function for memory and glossary windows See below for details about each new feature. Share memories over a network In order to use this […]

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Memory Serves version 1.0 released

Thursday, Jul. 31st 2008

I’ve just released version 1.0 of Memory Serves. There are a number of improvements over the early releases of Memory Serves. The main ones are listed below. Browse memories and glossaries Search memories and glossaries Edit, delete, and view records Utility to clear admin account if you forget your password* * The utility can only […]

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