Productivity gains from translation memory

Monday, Oct. 13th 2008

There’s no doubt that under the right circumstances, translation memory can give you huge productivity gains. To give one example, I’ve had many users report that with the right text, a Felix license can pay for itself in a day or two. So what is the “right” kind of text? To get the greatest productivity […]

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Word tip: copying text formatting

Friday, Oct. 10th 2008

Often when working with MS Word, you’ll need to apply some common text formatting in several parts of your document. This can be a hassle if you’ve got to select a bunch of different terms, then click on bold, italic, etc. each time. You can make this easier by “cloning” the formatting for a given […]

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New tutorial added (PowerPoint)

Sunday, Oct. 5th 2008

With Felix, you can translate documents directly from Microsoft® PowerPoint. Many users have told me that this is their favorite feature of Felix. I’ve now added a quick-start tutorial for using Felix from PowerPoint. Click here to see the tutorial. This tutorial should get you up and running translating documents from PowerPoint. I recommend it […]

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New Felix resource added: TM and glossary of legal terms (J-E)

Saturday, Oct. 4th 2008

I’ve converted the “Standard Bilingual Dictionary” into a Felix translation memory (TM) and glossary, and posted them to the Felix website: Felix TM and glossary of Japanese-English legal terms These should be of use to anyone who has to translate Japanese laws into English. About the Standard Bilingual Dictionary The Standard Bilingual Dictionary is a […]

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Felix version 1.3.1 released

Saturday, Sep. 20th 2008

Version 1.3.1 of Felix has been released. This is a bug-fix release, and is recommended for anyone using version 1.2 or later. Download the latest version of Felix here. The two biggest bugs fixed were a bug deleting records from the Felix window, and a bug editing records in the glossary window. You can see […]

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My thoughts on paid upgrades

Thursday, Sep. 18th 2008

Charging for software upgrades is a bit of a touchy subject. The Successful Software blog makes a case for when you should charge for upgrades from the software developer’s perspective. Charging for upgrades makes a certain amount of sense. It can be a way to fund new development that your users truly want and need. […]

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Felix tip: Review mode

Saturday, Sep. 13th 2008

Often after you’ve translated a Word document using Felix, you’ll need to make changes to your translation. You might have noticed a mistake as you reviewed your translation, or your client may have sent back edits. Ideally, any changes you make to your translation should be reflected in your Felix TM. That’s what Review mode […]

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Align Assist version 0.1 released

Thursday, Sep. 4th 2008

I’ve released a completely new version of Align Assist. This is an initial release, so while it’s functional I’d appreciate you let me know of any bugs you find or missing features. What is Align Assist? Align Assist is a free tool to create Felix translation memories (TMs) from legacy translations. You select a source […]

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Felix version 1.3 released

Wednesday, Sep. 3rd 2008

Version 1.3 of Felix has been released. This release contains a large number of bug fixes and usability enhancements. Two of the main enhancements in this new version are Properties dialogs for the PowerPoint and Excel interfaces. I also took the opportunity to squash a bunch of small bugs that have been building up over […]

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Quick start tutorial added to manual

Monday, Sep. 1st 2008

Today I got an email from a Felix user who was having trouble getting started with the program. His company’s firewall blocks Flash, so he couldn’t watch the demo video. I’ve been planning to write some quick-start tutorials for a while, but this was the extra spur I needed. I wrote him an email with […]

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