Felix version 1.4.1 released

Friday, Dec. 19th 2008

I’ve just released Felix version 1.4.1. The main new feature of this version is error logging and reporting in Felix and the three Office add-ins (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint). Download the latest version. If you experience a structured exception while using Felix, you can now send a log file and a binary dump of the […]

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Align Assist version 0.5 released

Saturday, Dec. 13th 2008

I’ve just released version 0.5 of Align Assist. Align Assist download page. This is a minor update, with several minor new features and improvements, such as the ability to display the log file. About Align Assist Align Assist is a free program for aligning legacy source and translation files, and creating Felix translation memories from […]

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Avangate eliminates PayPal fees on payments

Saturday, Dec. 13th 2008

I recently switched from Plimus to Avangate as my primary order processor, because Avangate has much better support for Japanese. I receive my payments to my PayPal account, but when I started getting payments from Avangate, I noticed that PayPal was charging me a fee of around 3.9% of the payment. I never had this […]

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Felix version 1.4 released

Wednesday, Dec. 10th 2008

After a bit of a delay, Felix version 1.4 is released. You can download it from the usual source. The main improvements are as follows: Translation History Keep a history of your translations for a particular file, and automatically reflect any edits you make to the translation in your TM. For now, it’s available for […]

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Felix extension for OpenOffice Writer

Sunday, Dec. 7th 2008

I’ve just released a Felix extension for OpenOffice Writer. This extension allows you to use Felix from inside OpenOffice. To install the extension, first download the file: Felix_OpenOfficeWriter_1.0.zip. Save the file to your computer, then unzip it. If OpenOffice Writer isn’t already running, start it. Now from the Tools menu, select Extension Manager… The Extension […]

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No excuse for lousy customer support

Thursday, Nov. 20th 2008

Susanne Aldridge III over at In-House Translators – A Dying Breed has a post about why we shouldn’t pick on Trados for its lousy customer service. From what I could gather, the reasons are: Service/support personnel are underpaid Lots of big companies have lousy customer support. I don’t think that either excuse flies. Firstly, if […]

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Felix glossaries compiled from Wiktionary

Friday, Nov. 14th 2008

I’ve just added 1,388 new glossaries from 43 language pairs, compiled from the Wiktionary project. Go to Felix Wiktionary glossaries page Wiktionary is a community-contributed dictionary site that is a spin-off of Wikipedia. There are hundreds of langauges on Wiktionary, but I narrowed this down to 43 using this list of the 50 most widely […]

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Stand-alone versus embedded CAT tools: trade-offs

Thursday, Nov. 6th 2008

Computer assisted translation (CAT) tools need to provide an editor in which to perform the actual translation. There are basically two ways to accomplish this: Providing a stand-alone editor Providing a plug-in (add-in) to an existing editor Both approaches are used by various CAT tools. Felix actually has both: Felix itself comes with interfaces for […]

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Align Assist version 0.4 released

Monday, Nov. 3rd 2008

I’ve released a new version of Align Assist. The main improvement in this version is the ability to specify URLs as the source/translation. Now, you can enter the URLs of any two web pages, and align their text. What is Align Assist? Align Assist is a free tool to create Felix translation memories (TMs) from […]

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Using Microsoft Excel as a glossary-conversion tool

Monday, Oct. 20th 2008

As translators, we get glossaries in all sorts of formats: XML, HTML, tab-delimited text, comma-separated value (CSV), … A good example is the Microsoft terminology glossary: a monstrous CSV file of terminology used for localizing Microsoft user interafaces. We often need to convert these glossaries into other formats, especially to get them into a terminology […]

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