Version 1.5.4 of Felix released

04/03/10 2:54 PM

I’ve just released version 1.5.4 of Felix.

Download the latest version here.

This release doesn’t have a lot of new features, but it includes major bug fixes and some performance improvements. Because this version includes several bug fixes, I recommend that everyone upgrade if that’s possible.

A summary of the new features/improvements follows.


  • Bug fix: In the Search Window, searching using an invalid date format would crash Felix.
  • Improved performance with Memory Serves remote memories.
  • Bug fix: Word did not stay in review mode when switching documents.
  • Made search menu items uniform across memory window and glossary window.
  • Bug fix: When a translation was shown in review mode, clicking “Edit” in Felix would bring up a different entry.
  • Bug fix: Editing a record would also change the “created by” and “date created” values.
  • Improved wording used in Japanese UI.
  • Bug fix: Bad date formats were causing Felix to fail to load TMs. Felix now falls back to using the local date/time when it finds a bad date format.
  • Bug fix: an error would appear if a macro was called on Felix while the main window wasn’t visible.


  • Bug fix: “Look up next” command (Alt + L and the menu command) did not work.


  • Certain abbreviations ending in periods (“Mr.”, “Dr.”, “Mrs.” etc.) are no longer recognized as ending the segment.
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