Online wordcount tool now supports PDF files

20/05/08 7:37 AM

I’ve added support for PDF files to my online wordcount tool. Now the tool can provide word counts for PDF files using the pyPdf library.

Addendum: I’ve replaced pyPdf with another pure-python library, pdfminer, which is much more robust at handling PDF files.

Posted by Ryan Ginstrom | in website | 2 Comments »

2 Comments on “Online wordcount tool now supports PDF files”

  1. Rainer Says:

    your super word count tool seems offline,
    Is this intended or a mistake ?
    best wishes

  2. Ryan Ginstrom Says:

    Hi Rainer:

    Unfortunately, I had to take it offline because some abusive users were overloading my server (this is why we can’t have nice things…). I will bring it back online when I have time to implement IP blocking.

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