Felix is born

12/05/08 12:16 AM

Felix actually started out as another product, named TransAssist. I developed TransAssist for about 3 years before making it a commercial product, and then sold it through another company, Intermedia, for 4 more years.

My original goal was to concentrate only on development, and outsource all the marketing, sales, and other gicky stuff. What I found, however, that in order to truly control my product’s destiny I needed to step up and take control of the whole shebang.

I decided to change the name of the program to Felix because (1) “TransAssist” is kind of a boring name, and (2) I wanted to avoid any IP problems that might crop up in the future (Intermedia actually registered for a Trademark for TransAssist — in their names…).

So, here I am, stepping out into the cold, cruel world of software marketing. Wish me luck!

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