Compare Felix with Other CAT Tools

The table below shows how Felix compares to SDL Trados and Wordfast.

Felix SDL Trados Wordfast
Price[1] Free $1,253 $394
Work from Word Yes Yes Yes
Work from Excel Yes No No
Work from PowerPoint Yes No No
Unlimited number of languages Yes No Yes
Unlimited number of TMs/glossaries Yes No No
Rich text formatting Yes Yes No
Review feature Yes Yes Yes

[1] Prices for Trados and Wordfast converted from euros on May 24 2008 via XE Currency Converter. Wordfast price is for developed countries.

Felix is a completely free, user-friendly translation memory system, both intuitive and powerful. The goal of Felix is to deliver the benefits of translation memory without a steep learning curve.

...It would be hard to imagine using another tool after using Felix. The fact that Felix is completely free makes the decision much easier!

Brian Hyman, president
Hyman Translations Limited

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Install Felix, and work with your existing Trados memories. Felix is quick to learn and easy to use. If you're tired of CAT tools that just get in your way, try Felix for a pain-free alternative.