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Never translate the same sentence twice. Felix is designed to help you, the translator, be more productive and consistent. Being more productive means you can translate more text in the same amount of time, while improving the quality of your translation. This is why many Felix users say that the software pays for itself after just a couple of jobs.

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Felix - translation memory for translators

Felix is completely free and open source. Download the latest version.

Above all, Felix is designed to be easy to use. Computer aided translation (CAT) has a (somewhat deserved) reputation for being hard to use and not very user friendly. The developer of Felix is a professional translator, and developed Felix out of frustration with existing tools. Every feature of Felix is designed with the translator in mind, in order to make using translation memory as simple and intuitive as possible.

One example is the user interface: as much as possible, Felix allows you to work right from Microsoft® Office, which professional translators commonly use for their translation work.

Many Felix users find it to be the most user-friendly TM tool in existence.

I have been using [Felix] for several years and find it to be the best CAT tool out there...

Dwaine Palmer
JET Translations, Inc.

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How Felix Works

Often, the documents we translate contain repeated sentences. It's tedious and time consuming to translate these from scratch every time. We may also need to use glossaries, either to ensure consistency in the document or adhere to the client's terminology list.

This is where Felix comes in. Felix keeps a "memory" of each sentence (or "segment") that you translate. When you translate another sentence that is identical or very similar to one you've translated before, Felix suggests your previous translation.

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Automatic Glossary Searches

The Felix automatic glossary search feature is another way to boost your productivity and consistency. Once a term goes into your glossary, you'll never have to look it up again. Every time that word appears in your document, Felix will automatically look it up and display its translation.

Glossary functionality is fully integrated into Felix and is included in the main program at no extra cost.

You can build glossaries as you work, as well as import glossaries in Microsoft® Excel and Multiterm format.

Share TMs and Glossaries over Your Local Network

Use the free Memory Serves application to share your Felix translation memories and glossaries over your local network. Collaborate with other translators using the same translation memories and glossaries.

No Arbitrary Limits

  • Unlimited number of TMs and glossaries
  • No limit on TM or glossary size
  • Translate an unlimited number of languages
  • Fully Unicode compliant – handles any language that Windows can

Screen shots of just some of the many languages Felix handles

Continually Improving

Felix is under active development, with new features and improvements being added all the time. We're very open to feature requests and bug reports, so feel free to use the Felix mailing list, or send them to us directly.

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For more information about Felix features, read the online manual, view the technical specifications for Felix, or download it and see what other translators are talking about.

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